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“Daring to Leap TV” Soars onto BraveHeartsTV – Network on November 30th at 7:30 Central

[Chicago, November 30th] – Brace yourselves for a transformative television experience as “Daring to Leap TV” makes its grand debut on BraveHeartsTV – Network on November 30th at 7:30 Central. This much-anticipated show is the television adaptation of the acclaimed podcast that champions women and the art of betting on oneself while pursuing a life and career on their own terms.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Audacious Living

Hosted by the charismatic Loree Philip, “Daring to Leap TV” invites you to step into your brilliance and take a leap in the direction you choose, whether it’s in life or your career. It’s a show that celebrates the courage to pursue one’s fondest dreams and champions the power of self-belief.

Inspiring Stories and Personal Triumphs

Each episode is a treasure trove of life-changing and insightful interviews with remarkable guests who have faced personal triumphs and emerged victorious, even during their darkest times. These stories of innovation, perseverance, and pivotal breakthroughs will inspire your courage, help you listen to your heart, and guide you forward in the direction of your fondest dreams.

Join the Community of Audacious Women

To watch, look for and download the “BraveHeartsTV- Network” app on your ROKU TV or Amazon Fire TV device, and search for “Daring to Leap TV”, Daring to Leap TV is more than just another TV show; it’s your catalyst for change. Be part of a community of women who are voyaging toward self-discovery and audacious living. It’s your time to shine, and “Daring to Leap TV” is your guiding light, inviting you to leap into a life defined by you.

Don’t Miss the Premiere!

Mark your calendars for November 30th at 7:30 Central and tune in to BraveHeartsTV – Network to witness the inaugural episode of “Daring to Leap TV.” It’s a show that promises to empower, inspire, and ignite your passion for living life on your own terms.

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Sherry Sarver Johnson
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About BraveHeartsTV – Network:

BraveHeartsTV – Network is a pioneering television platform dedicated to providing family-friendly entertainment with a purpose. With a diverse collection of shows, it aims to educate, inspire, and empower viewers while making a positive impact on families and communities.

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