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Glass Safety Glasses: Helping Workers Through Thick and Thin with Anti-Reflective Coating

05/23/2023 – Bangor, PA: Your vision has changed. Your vision has changed. You need thicker lenses to accommodate your new prescription. We all experience it. So don’t be too disheartened. The thickness of a lens is determined by several factors. Some of these can be changed to create a safety glass.

Why choose glass safety glasses over Trivex or plastic? One of the main differences is that they have a refractive index between 1.5 and 1.9, instead of 1.74. They tend to be able to accommodate many astigmatism prescriptions, without having to increase the lens size. They are also malleable, allowing for bifocals or trifocals to be made without visible seams. Glass safety glasses often look better. 

Fashion isn’t the only thing to consider, especially with safety glasses. Materials must be durable enough to get the wearer safely through a workday without them being scratched, pitted or shattered. Glass safety glasses can do that. These glasses are highly scratch-resistant and will not be affected by many harsh chemicals of today. They may feel heavy after long hours of wear, and may even break if not treated. Trivex, polycarbonate and plastics are generally lighter. They are susceptible to chemical and scratch damage. In some cases, glass safety glasses are more effective than plastic ones. Let’s say, for example, that someone mixes strong chemicals in order to clean an industrial area or commercial product. These chemicals can quickly penetrate the safety glasses if they are splashed onto the face. This could cause damage to the eyes. In these situations, glass safety eyewear is the best option. For more information about the glass safety glasses, and to find out how they compare with other protective eyewear available on the market, contact the VS-Eyewear Team today.


Four reasons to include anti-reflective coatings on our glass lenses

Are you looking to upgrade your existing pair of glasses? You may be about to purchase your first pair.

The anti-reflective (A/R)coating on our lenses has improved over the years. The A/R is a simple way to improve a pair of glasses.

1) More aesthetically pleasing

Have you noticed that in old photos, people who wear glasses have their eyes covered by the glare from their lenses? This is because A/R coating was not available at the time. The glare from the sun or flash would appear on our lenses. This effectively shielded our eyes whenever we took pictures. Anti-Reflective Coating makes lenses “see through”, so people can see your eyes instead of the glare.

2) Improve your vision

The A/R coating reduces the amount of glare you can see through the lens. The biggest improvement is when you look at bright screens on electronic devices, or when watching headlights coming towards you when driving at night. Your vision will be optimal at all times.

3) Reduce eyestrain

With the glare removed from either side of your lenses, your vision will be much clearer and more comfortable. The glare will no longer interfere with your vision, and you will have a crisper and clearer view. Eyestrain will also be reduced as you complete your work or watch the final episode of the season.

4) Easy-to-clean

This simple coating not only improves your optics but also makes it easier to maintain cleanliness. The A/R coatings repel dirt, oil and water from your lenses. This allows you to focus on the job at hand rather than searching for a cleaning wipe.

For many first-time glasses wearers, A/R lens coating might seem like an extra expense. However, this treatment is essential for anyone who wants the best vision and performance from their glasses. Please contact us for more information about A/R or other lens options. For more information, please contact us at VS Eyewear or call 1-877-872-5780 (in the United States) or 1-484-546-0029 (outside the United States). Our highly trained customer service representatives and in-house optometrists can help you through your eyewear journey online.

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