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Several Common Press Release Topics about the Company

January 17, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / Maybe a lot of people didn’t notice, when someone searches their company in Google, it is important to have fresh and positive news about their business. It shows their company is active and growing. When a searcher doesn’t find anything, or the news is old, people can sometimes wonder “What’s wrong?” and assume the company is in trouble. Here are some simple themes that the SEAPRWire team came up with for their reference.


1) The Basics: If people have never distributed a news release about what their company does (or it has been a while), start with that. Even if people are an old company. It is a basic piece of content that people want out there on the internet. Be specific and relevant in the headline so someone searching may find out about their company.

2) New Hires/Promotions: Start things off on the right foot when people hire a new important team member. Issue a news release about the new hire and their relevant experience or education. It will make them feel important to see their name in the news, and it will show readers that their company is growing in the right direction. Announcing a key promotion for an existing employee can have a similar positive effect for the person and the company.

3) Awards: If their company (or an employee) has been nominated or won an award, this is a great positive announcement to distribute.

4) New Product/Service: If people have a new product or service, let people know via a press release. Have specifics about the type of product or service in the main headline for best Google search results.

5) New Client: If people have a major new client, or a client in an industry people are expanding into, a news release can make the client feel important, and show that companies are interested in their product or service. Of course be sure to get the client’s permission!

6) New Partnership: Have a new strategic partner? Announce it to show growth and make their new partner company feel important.

7) Company Growth: If people are able to announce company revenue growth in dollars or even percentages, this can be a very straightforward way to let people know their company is successful.

8) Exhibiting or Speaking at a Conference: If their company is exhibiting at a conference, or speaking at one, a news release can get the word out and help attendees seek people out at the conference. It can also show domain expertise.

9) Hosting a Conference or Webinar: If people are hosting a conference or webinar, issue a news release (with subject area and industry in the main headline) to attract attendees and show industry expertise. For conferences be sure to include the city location. Recorded webinars can live on as evergreen content so the more publicity around them the better.

10) Charitable Activities: If their company is donating time or money to a worthy cause, let people know. It demonstrates their company is positive for the community and may even link their brand to a well known charitable organization.

11) Market Reports: If people have unique statistics or trends people can create a report about, issue a news release on an going basis and their company can become known as experts in that domain.

It would not take long to write a news release on any of these topics. So make a news release calendar and keep a continual stream of company news out there on the internet. Who knows, their next client, employee, investor, or partner could just happen to read it.

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