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SPC Announces the Launch of Its Platform betting on the Metaverse

Cayman Islands / November 30, 2021 / SEAPRWire / SPC, founded by Asia Capital Strategy Fund (ACS), is a management agreement and cross-chain asset aggregation and income platform, focused on creating sustainable and stable returns for all users of the Metaverse ecosystem. The SPC platform has positioned itself to evolve into a cross-chain asset aggregation and income marketplace. SPC is focused on developing an innovative asset pool to create one of the most sought-after and largest offline Metaverse eco-industrial parks in the world, centered in Southeast Asia, by 2023, to maximize returns while ensuring that LP capital is as safe as possible. To this end, SPC will create a robust passive income platform to meet the needs of the Metaverse industry. With the launch of SPC’s income-producing assets, SPC will further create derivative products based on stable returns, such as risk-optimal return indices and other derivative products.

Experts in the industry generally believe that in the Internet era, the PC era was Internet 1.0, the mobile Internet was era 2.0, and the “Metaverse” will be era 3.0. Looking at in terms of time and space, the Metaverse is a digital world that is virtual in the physical dimension but real in the temporal dimension. In terms of authenticity, the Metaverse contains digital copies of the real world as well as creations of the virtual world. In terms of independence, the Metaverse is a parallel space that is both closely connected to the external real world while being highly independent. In terms of connectivity, the Metaverse is an extensive and sustainable virtual reality system that encompasses networks, hardware terminals and users.

The basic features of the Metaverse include an immersive sensory experience; virtual clones with one or more virtual world identities; the ability to create virtual activities using the massive digital resources available; strong social attributes, with a more diverse and interactive social model than those found in the real world; and a stable, safe, and orderly virtual economic and social system. Metaverse is the future, and international groups such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, Alibaba and Today’s Headlines, as well as the renowned fund company Asia-Capital Strategy SPC, have invested in the Metaverse industry.

ACS is investment-oriented and advocates a value concept

Asia Capital Strategy is a certified financial institution with a legal fund license issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, an international financial center. It is committed to promoting the development of venture capital funds, specializing in a market strategy of corporate bond issuance, and advocating the concept of long-term value investment. Asia Capital Strategy adheres to the core concepts of value and growth and in addition to identifying undervalued value companies, it also looks for growth companies to invest in. The company uses both a top-down and bottom-up mindset; on the one hand looking at policy and industry trends, and on the other using valuation models, to make sound, comprehensive and holistic investment decisions.

United Royale Holdings Corp, a company successfully listed on the OTCMARKETS by Asia Capital Strategy Fund, is a modernized enterprise with a royal background, which has established a good business network in many countries and regions around the world since its establishment in 2008. United Royale Holdings Corp is mainly engaged in the business of agarwood and jewelry as well as other associated businesses, and is dedicated to building a comprehensive industrial chain, aiming to become the only international company in the world that perfectly combines the production, development and sales of high-end agarwood and jewelry. United Royale Holdings Corp is listed on the OTCMARKETS (symbol: URYL) and has a current market capitalization of over $600 million, making it one of the most explosive gold stocks at the top of the emerging markets.

SPC plans to invest heavily in Southeast Asia and other countries to build “SPC Metaverse” in 2023 and become the first high-tech industrial park covering technology development, ecosystem applications, scenario construction, technical training, and other related industries in the Metaverse. By focusing on the development of Metaverse technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, 3D virtual, interactive games, and artificial intelligence, it will promote the development of the global Metaverse industrial ecosystem. The planning of SPC has been recognized and strongly supported by the prestigious digital investment bank, GOLDEN HORSE Exchange. SPC tokens will be issued and circulated in GOLDEN HORSE Exchange, and more derivative products, based on stable income, will also be created in the future, allowing more users to board the high-speed train of Metaverse development, thus boosting the value of the SPC tokens in global circulation, and making SPC tokens the basic fuel of the global Metaverse.

Leveraging the new Metaverse cluster industry and its SPC tokens, SPC is expected to build a new value ecosystem ranging from industry to technology and finance and from the physical to the virtual world. SPC is now listed globally, and the linking of SPC’s investment map and the core of the Metaverse is a “next-generation Internet” full of long-term value.

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