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British Caribbean Author Launches Special Edition of Amazon Best Seller, Diary of a Small Island Girl

WEST MIDLANDS (September 8, 2020) –   Coach, Mentor and Author, Trisha King, has launched a special edition of her Amazon Best-Selling books, Diary of a Small Island Girl (Volumes I, II and III).

A picture containing foodDescription automatically generatedDiary of a Small Island Girl (Vol 1-3)is a special edition combining the volumes self-published under the first 3 books. It also includes some new and updated entries.

Women and girls looking for a dose of encouragement and motivation will find solace in this empowering anthology. The book is filled with the Poet’s authentic stories of love, loss, mental health struggles, self-healing, and courage.  King bares her soul in her diary entries filled with raw and intense emotions.   

Ask any writer about their work and they will share that writing is a form of therapy. For King, it is no different. She describes the poems in her anthology as her personal therapy that helped her grow stronger and wiser.  But she didn’t want to keep this form of therapy to herself.

Motivated by her desire to help and empower individuals, King began sharing posts on Facebook in 2016 under the pen name ‘Small Island Girl’.  Since then, the page has generated approximately 300k followers.  One year later, the first volume of Diary of a Small Island Girl was published.

When asked about her motivation for creating the special edition, King explained: “I wanted to compile all the poems from the previous volumes into a single resource that women can reach for whenever they feel the need for some encouragement. This was even more important in the midst of a global pandemic where encouragement is needed now more than ever” 

King was born in Coventry England and is the daughter of The Selecter’s 2 Tone Jamaican musician Charley Anderson.   The 3-year-old King was raised on her “small island” of Barbados in a large but close-knit and loving family. After years of travelling and studying, she embarked on a career in the commercial insurance industry in the UK; however, what began as a promising career turned out to be a nightmare. The barriers and obstacles she faced served to further ignite her determination to succeed. It was through this difficult time that she found the courage to break free from the corporate world and discover her true mission – to help and empower people.

Diary of a Small Island Girl is an anthology that transcends borders and cultures.  It is a testament that every woman is united by their experiences, regardless of their background. The Poet’s musings are thought provoking, inspiring and will also evoke nostalgic memories for people who grew up in the Caribbean.   King hopes that her poetry will help women discover their unique path towards self-love and courage.

One reader of a previous volume summed up her reading experience. She said “I felt as if the writer was speaking directly to me, in different phases in my life. It made me realize that most of us go through the same joys and trials.  This was done in just a few lines. Thank you.”

Diary of a Small Island Girl Vol 1-3 is available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon. For further details or to purchase a copy of the book, visit: Diary of a Small Island Girl: Special Edition.

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