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Prepping up to Launch a Decentralized CaaS Ecosystem, the AI-Driven Metaverse Engine ‘Cybever’ Concludes Pre-Seed Round

New York, NY, July 27, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Cybever, a frictionless content creation platform for the Metaverse makes a whopping start with funds raised in the pre-seed round from prestigious organizations and dozens of key investors such as Spartan, Mask Network, Formless Capital, etc. It plans to use the raised funds for creating a framework that rapidly constructs object-oriented digital assets like furniture, architecture, interior design, etc. in dimensional structures like 2D or 3D, and matches the most relevant Metaverse Platforms.

Cybever is a quick, easy, low-cost, lightweight, cross-functional, efficient, and platform-matching framework that leverages the datasets to enable its models to learn the style of Metaverse platforms and Gaming applications. Cybever’s mission is to help creators unlock new innovations while easily adapting to the new development environment, new Metaverse & Gaming, and get their job done hassle-free.

Currently, Cybever’s framework supports output in low-poly, photorealistic, Disney Styles, etc.

Unlike other AI-driven Metaverse platforms, Cybever has bigger goals. In the future, Cybever aims to expand as a unique and powerful ecosystem where developers can create “content-as-a-service” (CaaS).

Led by an amazing tech-savvy team from Silicon Valley, Cybever has its eyes set on bringing a breakthrough to the world by bridging the gap between web2 and web3 with AI-inclusive APIs.

With an immersive growth in the popularity of Metaverse and NFT, the content creation space represents an exciting growth opportunity for us. Leveraging the technology of web3.0, Cybever is creating a decentralized yet better CaaS ecosystem that aims to empower developers to seamlessly release, own, and buy content service pipelines anywhere.” shared Cecilia Shen, Co-founder, and the CEO of Cybever.

Unleashing the Future of Metaverse and AR/VR Technologies with Cybever

Metaverse is going to alter people’s lives in beautiful ways. Facilitating existence beyond imagination, Metaverse would help people live their dreams that are impossible to realize in their real lives. Additionally, the combination of AR/VR technologies with Metaverse would provide creators the ample options to choose from. However, the metaverse and the future tech are all about imagination. Cybever’s vision is a lot bigger than one organization. It stimulates people’s creativity and provides them with the best framework so they can create the best content for the future immersive experience.

Cybever’s fundamental belief is that the world is a better place with more creators in it. The team thinks that future-shaping technologies like AI and 3D-rendering can help creators better understand the world and unlock new innovations.

Leveraging AI technology, the content creators can get immersive digital assets as outputs and re-render them into millions of artistic styles in seconds, like changing the texture of a sofa with polyester into any other textile like cotton, wool, silk, leather, etc. instantly.

By realizing the true potential of AI in the metaverse, Cybever can instantly create Disneyland, a vivid zoo with wild animals, and Las Vegas in the desert.

Cybever believes in the future of web3.0 and the benefits that the technology is bringing.

It will be one of the key contributors to web 3.0.

Leveraging the capabilities of AI and Web3.0, Cybever wants to create a powerful decentralized content service ecosystem that inspires creators to create, seamlessly integrate, own, and customize any pipelines using which customers can pick and purchase content services they need.

The diverse team is composed of researchers, technocrats, developers, and influencers who came together to turn visions of Cybever into reality.

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