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BitcoinLegend(BCL) Coin Pre-sale will end Feb, 28th. Before listing in Lbank

Bitcoinlegend has released android app on the Google Play Store on July 19. 2021. and it has run up to iOS. When the number of users reached 600,000, community airdrop and pre-sale events were started, and the number exceeded 860,000 in 20 days alone.

The purpose of airdrop is to proceed with listing with 1 million users, and pre-sale is to shorten the schedule of the NFT card business and metaverse game.

BitcoinLegend (BCL) will be listed on the Lbank cryptocurrency exchange at the end of February. This cryptocurrency exchange is an exchange with a high trading volume that falls within the top 30 of Coin Market Cap.

BitcoinLegend(BCL) | Cryptocurrency

BitcoinLegend (BCL) is cryptocurrency assets based on ERC-20. We will make NFT market platform (NFT cards, artworks). Also, We will launch a metaverse game with a Hero NFT card inspired by Marvel’s Avengers.

We intend to pioneer the cryptocurrency ecosystem by establishing a 3 Earn strategy. 

In order to encourage more user participation, we created an ecosystem to benefit users through remoted cloud server mining. When the mined BCL is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, it serves as a digital asset as well as an investment. 

The second is Make to Earn. Users make their own NFT avatars, make NFT items, and buy and sell them to make a profit. 

The third is Play to Earn. Users will be developed and invested in virtual real estate on the Metaverse platform, played games with their avatars, and advertised so that users could make a profit.


Pre-sale is carried out by Personal crypto-wallet to send ETH to the Pre-sale address. Computer Program system will send BCL tokens to your wallet instantly.

Remittances must be made using a personal cryptocurrency wallet without KYC verification. The quantity of BCL tokens for pre-sale is limited, and the quota is sorted according to the arrival time of ETH. First come first served.

Once the limited amount is sold, the event will end early.

* Detailed information regarding Pre-sale can be check from BitcoinLegend’s Official Website.

Website :

Pre-sale method :

* BCL Coin Pre-sale will end Feb, 28th. Before listing in Lbank* BitcoinLegend Promotion group is now consisted of 60 Ambassadors out of 179 countries around the world, and you can meet them through various social media such as;

Telegram :

Twitter :

YouTube :

Instagram :

Kakaotalk :

Contact Detail:

Company Name: BitcoinLegend
Contact Person: James
Email: Send Email
Country: France
Website Url:

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