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More Baby Girls than Baby Boys, the Nili Family Planner Updated the APP

The Nili family planner, the app that helps couples to choose the gender of their baby before getting pregnant will update the app as results of the Corona Virus influence. This update will assure that the app will keep the results most accurate for thousands of couples around the world.

The Nili Method is known for personalizing programs that help couple conceive with their wished baby gender and have their dream come through. As many personal parameters are calculated the Covid19 become new parameters and influencer to consider.

Corona Virus related factors are likely to change the world gender balancing and strike the statistics with more girls to come, due to physical effects. Nili family planner app is devouring the cards again, and give new guidelines how to beat the statistics to couples who wants to choose their own baby gender during the new era

Nili family planner app burst to our world in 2019 with breakthrough news: Couples will be able to choose their newborn gender, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm, built on dozens of studies, collected over the years, taking into account different variables that contribute individually to determining the newborn’s sex. The algorithm considers the impact of each factor, customizing each couple’s individual parameters, creating a personal guide that helps couples preset their preferred newborn sex.

COVID 19 vs Nili family planner app

One of the parameters Nili algorithm take under consideration is the woman acidity. In an acid environment, the chances to conceive a girl are much higher than a boy. The Corona Virus brought several irregular situations that automatically increase the acidity levels: Irregular lifestyle that cause stress, high consumption of white sugar and food with high level of acidity, Lack in activity, changes in sleep habits (human organs are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. During the day, the main activity is of the sympathetic nervous system, and at night, the main activity is of the parasympathetic nervous system, if the order is reversed, diseases will occur, and the acidity levels will rise).

While staying at home during quarantine, eating only homemade dishes avoiding eating in restaurants, was likely to contribute to a healthy diet, the opposite of that occur. Chain stores in the USA reported a significantly increased in sales of white flour, sugar and alcohol, products whose excessive consumption can cause weight gain and negate other health problems. People can see the immediate effect, a marked increase in the acidity levels.

Alongside other factors, Nili family planner is updating its algorithm to beat the Corona Virus impact, giving couples the ability to choose, rather they want a baby boy or a baby girl.

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